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October 8th, 1871

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[Hot Time in Old Town]

Real photo postcard of the University of Illinois’ soccer team, 1910. 
Homer Dahringer is seen smiling in the back row, third from left. 
He sent the postcard to his sister Edna who was living in Los Angeles 
at the time. He wrote: “This is the new game I am playing now. 
We played against St. Louis and lost 5-0. Then we played Chicago 
at Chicago and won 3-0. Today we played Chicago down here 
and won 6-1. This was our last game this year. I am going home 
for Thanksgiving soon. 
Wish you were going to there too.” 
Signed, Homer “Darrie” [his nickname].

Away trips - always filled with the most passion. cf97 v skc

all-the-wrong-wordsHow I spent my weekend.

DIY Tifo from Section 8 Chicago



Project Rise: Time-lapse Chicago Fire Tifo Build Part 2 of 2

Tifo build, Chicago-style!

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Whose house? @sjohn25 #cf97

Dominic Oduro traded to the Columbus Crew. #2013MLSPreseason

quentinsmDon’t stop living in the red.

Chicago Red Stars allocated players from Canada, Mexico, and the US for the 2013 season.


Created the new cover photo for the Chicago Red Stars Facebook page. These are the seven National Team Players allocated to the Red Stars for the NWSL.

Olivia Brestal Creative. 2013.

Thiago #cf97

Flashback: tifo from October 8, 2010 match — Chicago Fire 2, Columbus Crew 0